Unified Body Therapy                                                                

       Unified Body Therapy was developed by Richard Grode  to help people return to a functioning, healthy relationship with their bodies and in their lives. This unique and powerful therapeutic system blends Traditional Thai Bodywork, Deep and Soft Tissue Work, Myofascial Release, Pressure Point Therapy, and Core Strength Conditioning
      Richard has trained in many different forms of bodywork and has more than 30 years of experience as a personal trainer, martial artist and instructor, mountain, rock, and ice climber and guide, mountain biker, scuba diver and skier. He has healed himself and others from major and minor injuries to the back, shoulders, neck, knees, ankles, and other areas. These experiences have earned Richard a unique understanding of the body and what it takes to heal.
      Restricted movement through pain, sports injuries, old injuries, trauma, and aging can have damaging effects not only on the physical body but also on emotional and mental well-being.
      Richard’s well rounded training, his extensive knowledge of the body, and his physical strength allows for lasting effective changes in problem areas and the complete body.

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Unified Body Therapy is excellent for:

•    Treating back, neck and joint pain
•    Sport injuries (old & new) Enhance sport performance
•    Freeing restricted movement
•    Reducing muscular tension and pain
•    Restoring well-being and health in the body

What People Are Saying:

Teacher, mentor, core strength trainer, body worker, nutritionist, motivational speaker, life coach, exercise physiologist, and a whole lot more- you get all this when you see Richard. Richard focuses on nutrition (get off the sugar/carbs), and his workouts consist of developing your core strength on an exercise ball-yep, a ball.  I actually don't like going to work out with him because it is hard (I'm that type of person). However, he makes the time go by, by filling my head with all the knowledge he has (which is a lot).  My husband works out with him 3x a week (cuckoo), and says that once he gets comfortable with an exercise, Richard makes it harder (did I say cuckoo?). My husband says after his workouts he feels as if he did some intense yoga and cardio at the same time. My husband now can stand up on an exercise ball (I know I said cuckoo, but I'm saying it again). He also does handstands. He was the kind of guy who likes riding his bike very,very far (centuries, SF to LA), and he says he doesn't feel like he needs to ride his bike anymore for the cardio benefits because he feels he gets the same intensity from Richard's workouts... cuckoo.   FYI my husband has been training with Richard for just a few short months, not years (you know I'm going to say it... cuckoo).  Some people love this type of workout (hard and out of the box), some people hate it. Whoever you are, what is evident is that  this is how hard the human body should be pushed. My son even works out with him, and listens to his advice (the advice part is pretty impressive since my son just turned 14).
Richard was offering a Tuesday drop in morning class, perhaps he still is.
His studio is behind Redwing Shoes, across from Whole foods in the Seabright neighborhood.   Tracy P Santa Cruz

"Thank you, Richard! The session you did with me yesterday has given me the tools and inspiration to continue healing my knee injury. I appreciate your depth of knowledge and experience working with the body, yours and others. Your touch helped me become aware of the holding and restriction in my body and has aided me in releasing the tension in my legs. The exercises you showed me will support me in restrengthening and strectch the muscles around my knees and help me get back to being more active." Eileen Marie Hennighan L.Ac.

"Richard is the best! He has great strong hands with experience and
wisdom when it comes to the body,pain and healing.  He is a gift and has truly improved the quality of my life.”
Cheryl Stone Santa Cruz

"I had tried almost everything out there for my chronic neck and back pain nothing worked, then i met Richard.  Now i am almost pain free and at almost 50 I feel better then i have for as long as i can remember." Current Client

"Richard is the best!  He has great strong hands with experience and wisdom when it comes to the body, pain and healing.  He is a gift and has truly improved the quality of my life." Cheryl Stone current client

"No one can can make a difference in my body as Richard can. I have had body work from many people and Richards bodywork is truly amazing." Thanyalak Khunchum, Massage Therapist Santa Cruz

"What I can say is if you want to get better go see Richard, I have and I had given up on anything working.  His knowledge of the body is pretty amazing." current client

"I had a chronic tennis injury and after Richard's masterful treatments my mobility has returned and I'm back on the court." Dr. Loic Jassy

"I highly recommend Richard's work.  He has a deep understanding of the body and he respects it while
pushing it to heal."  Sonia R

"I cannot say enough good things about Richard and his work.  He's a master in understanding the body and what it needs.  I highly recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for effective and lasting changes in their body."     Daniel Bruberl, retired USAF

"You can really feel in his work that Richard is an expert with the body.  I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for excellent bodywork. He also has great stories about his adventures around the world.” 
Belinda Tatum, administrator/mother

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